Awesome & peaceful…


”I would recommend Nancy’s services without reservation, and wish you all the best on your birthing journey. I knew that Nancy was right for our birth as soon as I met her. I felt an instant connection with her; she was the combination of positive energy, years of experience, wit, and honesty that I was looking for.  She provided excellent care during my pregnancy, and she was more than willing to work with us to plan for the birth experience that we wanted.

During labour and delivery, she was out of sight when I needed my space, but she would miraculously appear the moment I needed support, reassurance, or if she could see that I needed a gentle nudge towards a different position. Our beautiful son was born, and it was an experience that was as awesome and peaceful as we dreamed it would be.  My husband maintains it was the best day of his life!”

Trish & Brad Bezair, Ottawa, Canada