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birth your family, your way

 Could home birth be for you?

You are healthy

Your pregnancy is low-risk (eg: one baby, head down)

You want to experience a natural birth

You want to avoid routine interventions such as admission IVs, electronic fetal monitoring, and food and drink restrictions

You want to avoid unnecessary induction, epidural, episiotomy, assisted delivery and cesarean section

You want to reduce your and your baby’s risk of infection

You want to have freedom to move around, change positions, drink and eat freely in labor

You want to enjoy the comfort and familiarity of your home

You want to labor and/or give birth in water

You want delayed cord clamping, immediate skin to skin bonding and breastfeeding

You want to share your experience with family and friends

You want home visits in the first week to help with adjusting to a new baby and breastfeeding assistance and follow up maternal and newborn care until 6 weeks after the birth

Home birth is generally nothing like the dramatic, unplanned excitement you see on TV shows! For those who choose it, home birth provides the comfort of being in familiar surroundings. This allows you to feel more confident and relaxed, able to access your own food, bed and bathroom and choose who will be present. Home birth also means you don’t have to travel to hospital while you’re in labor or leave your own bed with your new baby until you want to.


For healthy women cared for by trained midwives, the best current scientific research states clearly that home birth is as safe as hospital birth, with less intervention. Home birth for healthy women with recognized midwives is considered a safe option around the world, including the USA, Canada, the UK, and most European countries.

Midwives are specialists in normal pregnancy, birth and newborn care, trained to screen for and manage common complications and emergencies. We have extensive knowledge of and faith in women and their ability to labor and give birth. Birth is a normal, physiological process that unfolds most smoothly in a familiar, undisturbed environment. Home is a very special place to give birth!

Can I still have lab tests, diagnostic screenings and ultrasounds?

Yes! Licensed Midwives (LMs) can order all routine tests, screens including the NIPT early genetic screening and ultrasounds.

What happens at home birth?

We see you for all regular and standard prenatal visits in our office from the beginning of your pregnancy. At around 36 weeks we visit you at home to discuss logistics, explain the equipment we bring to the birth and review what to expect during labor and birth. During your labor, we monitor both you and your baby. A second Licensed Midwife or a certified Midwife Assistant will arrive close to the end of your labor. After your baby is born and the health of you and your baby is thoroughly assessed and confirmed, we will leave you alone to rest, generally 2-3 hours after the birth. We will return to your home within 24-36 hours for your first postpartum visit and again once or twice in the first week. (You come to our office for the follow-up postpartum appointments.)

What if there is an emergency?

Prenatally we work together to minimize the likelihood of complications. Since we know that healthy women with normal pregnancies are at a lower risk for serious complications during birth, we limit our care to those women and their newborns. During labor and birth we monitor closely for signs of fetal distress and maternal exhaustion and take common sense measures to prevent further problems and minimize risks.

The vast majority of home birth transports are for non-emergent reasons and happen in our cars. Should the need for transport arise, we will go with you to liaise with the staff so the transition is as smooth as possible and offer continuous support in the hospital. See my Safety, Equipment and Research page for more information.


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IMG_0997“When we learned of our pregnancy we began searching around our community of friends for home birth midwife recommendations and our O.B. was the first to mention Nancy Greenwood. She held Nancy in high regard and recommended her as a fantastic doula resource. Our O.B. explained that Nancy was an experienced midwife from Canada and in the process of completing her California licensing. Coincidentally, a midwife friend who lives out of the area also recommended Nancy as a wonderful resource in our community.

Shortly after selecting a midwife to facilitate our journey we enrolled in a holistic birthing class. To our excitement during the first night of class the instructor introduced a special guest participant as Nancy Greenwood. During the following 6 weeks we came to know Nancy and were thrilled to have her attending class as her extensive knowledge and expertise was a valuable contribution to both the class and our preparation for labor and birth.

Once again, and much to our surprise, on the night that labor began we learned that Nancy would be our back-up midwife to assist at our home birth. We could not have been more delighted as we felt like we had established a great relationship with Nancy and more importantly we were confident that her presence and experience would be a welcomed addition to our birthing experience.

Our home-birth was indeed the most incredible and amazing experience. The support and assistance that Nancy provided reinforced the strong sense of ease and confidence that we developed with our primary midwife which made for such a beautiful and positive experience. We are so excited to hear that Nancy is a licensed midwife in California. Our family is honored to share our experience in recommending Nancy with the highest regard!”

Christen Family “strong sense of ease & confidence”

“Nancy delivered my daughter on a Sunday night in early October. She is warm and experienced, it was the birth experience I had hoped for. Nancy read my movements and offered helpful suggestions when I needed them. Her presence was comforting because Nancy exudes a confidence that comes with years of experience. I place so much trust in Nancy as a midwife; she is extremely knowledgeable, professional and kind.”

Jenn, Matt and Ruth, Aptos

It was the birth experience I had hoped for..